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Kristen Modafferi

Kristen ModafferiKristen had completed her freshman year in the School of Design at North Carolina State University, one of a close knit group of twenty-five students on academic scholarship through the Park Foundation. Kristen was encouraged, like her fellow students, to plan an enriching "summer experience", either domestically or abroad, and be prepared to share the adventure with the group of Park Scholars on returning to NC State University for their sophomore year.

Kristen had researched and planned a summer filled with life experiences in a big city, San Francisco, where she would work, live on her own, and take photography courses at the University of California at Berkeley to compliment her major, Industrial Design. Departing for San Francisco on her 18th Birthday, on June 1, 1997, she found employment Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM at Spinelli's Coffee Shop in the financial district of downtown San Francisco. She had just started a second job on weekends at the Café Museo at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She was planning to start class at Berkeley on June 24, 1997. The day before, June 23, 1997, Kristen left work after her shift at Spinelli's, and completely disappeared without a trace. The case remains unsolved, but the determination of all of us to find the answers we need remain strong.

Kristen's case is classified as an "at-risk" abduction, and was recently profiled on America's Most Wanted. More information about the search for Kristen can be found on the web, at www.modlink.com/kristen.

Our family wishes to acknowledge the ongoing prayers, encouragement, and support of many, many people who have heard about our daughter's disappearance. We gain strength from all of you, and we offer our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. God bless you all.

Kristen Modafferi

You can show your support by wearing a photo button in honor of Kristen and the continued hope for her safe return. Each button, available from Buttons of Hope, costs only $5, with $1 from each button donated directly to the Kristen Foundation to help reunite missing loved ones with their families. For discounts on quantities over 20 please contact Buttons of Hope.

The Kristen Foundation
2330 Bonnie Butler Way, Charlotte, NC 28270-4415
(704) 996-5066      Help@KristenFoundation.org

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