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Ryan Katcher

Ryan KatcherFrom Ryan's Web Site (www.findryan.com):

Our Search for Ryan was completed July 25, 2006. We thank everyone for their support. We never gave up. We appreciate your continued prayers.

The Ryan Katcher Family

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

You probably look at his picture and wonder, who is Ryan Katcher? Ryan was curious as a child. He lived a carefree life in the country, always climbing in or on something, the cabinets, the dryer, or the roof. He would take apart the radio just to see how it worked. Those that know him will recall the go cart accident that gave him a concussion.

He enjoyed our simple life, his family, his firends and his dog. Ryan enjoyed fishing and hunting with his dad till his death. Ironically enough, Ryan went hunting the day before he disappeared and planned to do so again Nov. 5th. He enjoyed his own space, country music, and his now missing Ford F150 pickup truck.

Ryan is close to his sister Steph. She was older and also had attended the University of Illinois. He looked up to her and confided in her. They both held the nickname "Katch" or "Katcher".

Ryan was a marketing major in the College of Business Adm. at the University of Illinois. He was on the Deans list. He enjoyed school and the friends he met there. His hobbies are working on computers, surfing the internet and carpentry.

Ryan asked to live at home his freshman year to help out after his dads death. He helped with everything from the attic vents to the lawn mower. Ryan often was aided by his friend, Travis.
I have a pictures of Ryan going off to school every year. So it was no different in August 2000. Ryan and his girlfriend loaded up the truck, and I got my picture of him going off to school. He moved out for the first time and I cried just like I did when he went to kindergarten. Little did I know what was soon to happen.

February 4, 2005 marks Ryan's 24 Birthday. It is the fifth one we have held without him bing here. We will be together someday and until then, he is always in my heart. Wherever you are son, consier yourself hugged.

God Bless you.
Love MOM

The Kristen Foundation has worked with the Katcher family and offers them the strength needed to guide the family through their trying times.


Our prayers are with you.

The Kristen Foundation
2330 Bonnie Butler Way, Charlotte, NC 28270-4415
(704) 996-5066      Help@KristenFoundation.org

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