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Jonathan Lanier Blackwell

Jonathan Lanier BlackwellJonathan Blackwell was first reported missing in October 2004, when he left the Goodyear tire shop where he worked. His family reported him missing four days later. After two-plus years of uncertainty, investigators found his remains in an overgrown field, near a barn off of U.S. Highway 29 in North Carolina.

Based on a tip called in to the State Bureau of Investigation, police had searched the barn for several hours earlier in the week. After discovering the body, police charged Stacey Maurice Webster, a truck driver from Greensboro, with the murder. He turned himself in on the same day that Blackwell's body was discovered.

The Kristen Foundation has worked with the Blackwell family,  and we pray for them the strength needed to guide the family through their trying times.

Jonathan will be missed.

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