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Clinton Devon Nelson

Clinton Devon NelsonAfter work one day, Carolyn Johnson was driving home when her son called. He had recently started a new job in Louisiana and he told her stories about working on an oil rig and how much he loved it. They told each other "I love you." It was the last time Carolyn talked to her son.

He went missing on Sept. 1, 2006 after he was last seen walking home from a friend's home on Ward Lane in Bossier Parish. Since then, detectives have been seeking clues to his disappearance, but there is nothing. It is as if he has vanished.

To this day, his family, friends, son and the Northern Hills community have no idea what happened to him or where he is.

"The two theories are that my son either died from foul play or some kind of accident that he has not been found yet," Carolyn said. "To know the only way I can find my son is to depend on other people and their money is a very difficult thing for me. But, I would do anything for my son. I will never stop looking for him."

The family asks that if anyone, anywhere has heard anything or knows even the smallest piece information that they contact Louisiana Bossier Parish Detective Randy Towery at 318-965-2203.

Click here to View a YouTube Video created in Clinton's honor.

Classification:  Endangered Missing Adult 
Alias / Nickname:  Clint, Clinton Nelson-Johnson 
Date of Birth:  1985-08-09 
Date Missing:  2006-09-01 
From City/State:  Princeton, LA 
Age at Time of Disappearance:  21 
Gender:  Male 
Race:  White 
Height:  73 inches 
Weight:  160 pounds 
Hair Color:  Blonde 
Eye Color:  Blue 
Complexion:  Light 
Glasses/Contacts Description:  Glasses with round silver wire frames. 
Identifying Characteristics:  Faint scars from dog bite over right eyebrow onto eye lid, corner of right eye, right temple, and lower jaw line, scar from recent stitches on left collarbone, recently fractured three left ribs and right arm, facial hair on chin and lip, previously fractured legs. 
Clothing:  Black "ECKO" brand T-shirt, blue jeans, black knit cap, new white "DC" athletic shoes with red trim, new black leather belt, white anklet socks with gray bottoms. 
Circumstances of Disappearance:  Unknown. Clinton was last seen at approximately 8:30pm leaving a friend's residence in the vicinity of Ward Ln. and Hwy 80 in Princeton, LA. Clinton has a medical condition. 

Investigative Agency:  Bossier Sheriff's Office 
Phone:  (318) 965-2203 
Investigative Case #:  06-4835 
NCIC #:  M-806033540 

If you believe you have any information regarding this case that will be helpful in this investigation please contact the Bossier Sheriff's Office at (318) 965-2203

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