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Hannah Emily Upp

Hannah Emily Upp

Great News! Hannah has been safely returned to her family.

The Kristen Foundation was contacted by the family for information regarding this case and we cannot tell you how happy we are that she is safe and back with her loved ones.

In Hannah's own words, from a message she sent to the Facebook group established to help find her:

Dear Friends (including those I have yet to meet!)

First of all, I send my most heartfelt thanks to all of you for your concern, support, and love during this past month. I understand that many of you have unanswered questions about the time that I was missing and I appreciate your patience while I have been under medical care.

I want to share with you that the time I was missing has been diagnosed as an episode of dissociative fugue. As is typical of a case of dissociative fugue, I was not aware of my own identity and I emerged from the episode with essentially no memory of what happened during the time I was missing. While this is a rare occurrence, information about the condition exists in medical literature and I would encourage anyone with more questions to consult those sources.

I wish I could thank each one of you individually, but since you number in the thousands, I will have to start with this message and hope that you understand how grateful I am to all of you for believing in me and welcoming me back.

All my love, Hannah

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