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Nikki McPhatter

Nikki McPhatterNikki McPhatter was last seen May 4, 2009, leaving her home on Rozumny Drive, in a northwest Charlotte neighborhood near Brookshire Boulevard.

Fellow workers at USAirways, where she is a ticket agent, said she rarely missed work, and her disappearance was soon treated as a missing person case with possible foul play. Police, friends and family all joined in the search for her black 2003 Honda Accord with N.C. license tags reading “PHATTAH.”

Sadly, that search ended when detectives found her body in her car, which had been set on fire and burned almost beyond recognition, in Fairfield County.

If there is any solace to be had, other than closure for her family in knowing that Nikki is now in a better place, it might be in the fact that police believe they have found her killer, and he is currently in custody.

The Kristen Foundation has worked with the McPhatter family and offers them the strength and prayers needed to guide them through their trying times.

Our prayers are with you, and Nikki will be missed.

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