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The Kristen Foundation is pleased to announce that we now accept PayPal as a means of payment and/or donation. PayPal is one of the most trusted names on the Internet for transfering funds or making credit card payments.

Thanks to our new PayPal gateway, you can use the Donate button, below, to pay for anything for which you would normally mail us a check.

You can purchase tickets to the Kristen Foundation Annual Golf Classic or Crystal Ball, purchase "For the Love of a Child" cookbooks or "Expect Miracles" bracelets, or simply make a donation to help in our efforts to find the missing.

After you click the Donate button, you'll be able to enter the dollar amount that you are sending.Simply follow the instructions at PayPal.

Important: Along with your PayPal donation, please send an email to joan2330@msn.com to let us know how the funds should be used (i.e., donation; ordering two Expect Miracles bracelets; purchasing two tickets to the Crystal Ball, etc.) or to give us any special instructions or comments.

 As always, we thank you for supporting the efforts of the Kristen Foundation.

The Kristen Foundation
2330 Bonnie Butler Way, Charlotte, NC 28270-4415
(704) 996-5066      Help@KristenFoundation.org

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